Hanging Baskets

$1 from the sale of every basket will be donated to the American Cancer Society

Sandy's Custom Designs

Stop by and talk to Sandy about containers you would like for your patio, deck, or landscape. Over 30 years of experience enable her to help you choose plants to fit your needs. Take home a beautiful selection of plants and a design that is just for you. Or, Sandy is even willing to get her hands dirty and plant it for you.

Sandy's Choice Selections



  • Fan shaped flowers bloom continuously
  • Enjoys the heat of summer with little water requirements
  • Extreme number of long-lasting blooms without deadheading
  • Use as a groundcover or "spiller" in containers and baskets

Diamond Frost

  • Extremely tolerant to heat, humidity and drought
  • Self-cleaning - no deadheading required
  • Frost has single flowers, Delight has double flowers
  • Continuous bloom all summer
  • Delicate appearance but very tough plant


  • Don't forget foliage plants to add color to containers or the garden
  • Foliage provides abundance of color as well a shape and texture
  • Easy to grow shade and many varieties enjoy the sun


  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Abundance of fragrant flowers
  • Attract Butterflies


  • Continuous bloom for the shade garden
  • Heat tolerant
  • Attracts hummingbirds

Purple Fountain Grass

  • Drought tolerant annual grass
  • Graceful arches of burgandy-toned bottlebrush plumes
  • Use in landscape and containers
  • Deer resistant

Cuphea Vermillion

  • Nectar is a feast for hummingbirds!
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Grow in your favorite sunny spot to enjoy hummingbirds all season


Gypsy Pepper

  • All America Selections winner
  • Very prolific, sweet banana type pepper
  • Long, straight, thick flesh
  • Use for stuffing, frying or fresh on salads or with vegetable dip
  • Great taste - my favorite

Celebrity Tomato

  • All America Selections winner
  • Semi-determinate
  • Disease resistance
  • Resists cracks
  • Prized for their flavor
  • Produce fruit until frost

Mountain Merit Tomato

  • All America Selections winner
  • Determinate plants
  • Good resistance to multiple diseases
  • Resists cracks
  • High level of resistance to late blight
  • 4-5 week harvest window

Monster Italian Paste Tomato

  • Firm and meaty
  • Indeterminate
  • Fruit holds well after picking
  • 6" pointed fruit ready to star in paste or sauce

Simply Salad Lettuce Mix

  • Mix of red and green varieties
  • More heat tolerant than most lettuce varieties
  • Best grown in containers…….I suggest near the kitchen door
  • Grow in full sun while temperature is cool, grow in part sun as temperatures rise
  • Harvest every 3 weeks by cutting back to 2"

Sandy Lettuce

Credit All America Selections
  • All America Selections
  • Attractive oakleaf type lettuce with a multitude of sweet tasting frilly dark green leaves
  • Use as cut and come again baby leaf, or grow to full maturity for loose salad head
  • Adaptable to both raised beds and containers


Basil Mix - Try Basil

  • Blend of Genovese, serrated and dark red varieties
  • Fragrant, flavorful and very productive
  • Cut leaves as you need them all season

Rosemary Spice Island

  • Superior culinary use
  • Repels flies outside
  • Deer resistant
  • Drought resistant

Cilantro Tasty Ole

  • Plant with two names - leaves are cilantro and seeds are coriander
  • Use leaves fresh in salsa, salads and as a garnish
  • Mild, peppery taste
  • Cool season herb slow to bolt in heat

Lemon Verbena

  • Most strongly scented and intense of lemon scented plants
  • Deer resistant
  • Makes a great herbal tea
  • Use it when cooking fish and chicken