Plants of Interest


If you don't have a hardy hibiscus in your yard, you are missing out on a real beauty. It will take up a bit of space, 4'x4', and needs at least 6 hours of sun. This extremely hardy perennial presents a stunning display of dinner plate sized flowers during the month of August. You won't be disappointed.

Hydrangea Little Quickfire

Here is a Hydrangea that I think is set apart from all the rest, Little Quickfire. This compact variety blooms early in the season. Flowers start out white, fade to a beautiful pink, then heading into fall turn a rustic pink against red foliage. It just gets better and better all season long.

Drift Roses

Drift shrub roses can add so much color to a landscape, with very little work. They stay low, under 2', and bloom throughout the summer into fall. You can't beat the flower power.


What's not to love about this perennial!!! The evergreen foliage is deer proof, it blooms early in the spring, available in many flower colors, and blooms for several weeks. This incredibly hardy, shade loving, easy to grow perennial will last for years.

Falling Waters, Weeping Bald Cypress

This is a fantastic variety with exceptional weeping branches that create a fountain like form. Bald Cypress is a deciduous conifer, meaning, it has soft needles that fall off in late fall, re- emerging in the spring. It will also grow in standing water, or in regular soil, equally as well.

Bloomerang Dark Purple

Loaded with fragrant flowers in the spring, darker purple than the original, this is a must have. Much more attractive foliage than a traditional lilac, smaller more rounded compact form. This lilac may repeat bloom through the summer, not like spring, but flowers may appear.

Jim Wilson Sweetbay Magnolia

This Magnolia is more cold hardy than others, with it's semi-evergreen foliage. The flower is cupped shaped, and waxy creamy white, which blooms in late spring, contrary to others that bloom in early spring. Leaves are glossy green above, silvery-green below. In the fall, it displays bright red cone-like fruits.