Plants of Interest


Betula Magical Globe

Makes a great dwarf patio birch tree, slow growing, nice white bark.

Magnolia Sunsation

Beautiful 7" cup-shaped yellow tulip like flowers, with medium green leathery leaves up to 6" long, turning yellow in the fall.

Metasequoia Gold Rush

This beauty features soft feathery fern-like foliage that is distinctively golden-yellow through out the summer. Foliage gradually turns orange-brown in the fall.

Styrax Evening Light

One of the most beautiful spring blooming trees in the garden. White blooms, with an ultra-fragrance, are held open on maroon stems. This makes a striking combination with its dark purple foliage and shaded green tones.

Taxodium Peve Minaret

An exceptional dwarf shrub with an upright, pyramidal form. Feathery, dark green, deciduous foliage provides season-long color and turns a rust color in fall. Papery, chestnut-red bark provides excellent winter interest. Great for use as a landscape accent, or in mass plantings for a highly textured background or informal screen.


Chamaecyparis Soft Serve

A compact, beautiful conical falsecypress with graceful, soft fern-like branches. The leaves are bright green on top and flecked with silver-blue on the underside. Great evergreen for the corner of a home, only gets 6-10' tall.

Caryopteris Sunshine Blue

This easy to grow plant has amethyst blue flowers in late summer and fall contrast with the bright yellow foliage. Season long color. Attracts butterflies. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant once established. Only gets 3' x 3', making it adaptable just about anywhere.

Deutzia Cherry Blossom

The shower of elegant pink flowers creates a carpet of color. Great for mass plantings because of its neat, mounded habit and burgundy-purple fall color, this tough, adaptable plant makes an excellent ground cover, especially on a sunny slope. This one matures out at 24” x 24”.

Hydrangea Summer Crush

The profusion of big raspberry-red or neon-purple blooms of Summer Crush™ brings floral quality blooms to your garden or patio container. Not only is it drop-dead gorgeous, but it is compact (3' x 3') so you get a neat, tidy look throughout the summer.

Rose Miracle on the Hudson

Winner of the 2014 Biltmore International Rose Trials Competition, "Miracle On The Hudson" is an exceptional shrub rose named in honor of Captain Sullenberger, the crew and passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 for which the incident became known as "Miracle on the Hudson". Brilliant red, lightly fragrant flowers from spring to fall. This flowering shrub matures in the 3' to 5' height range.


Buddleia Pugster Blue

This compact butterfly bush reaches just 2' tall and wide but has the large, full flowers normally seen on a much larger plant. It blooms non-stop from early summer through frost with true-blue flowers, each with a tiny yellow-orange eye in the center. Thanks to thick, sturdy stems, the Pugster® series offers vastly improved hardiness and winter survival over other types of dwarf butterfly bush.

Clematis Sarah Elizabeth

This distinct, attractive pink almost seems to glow. The mass of flowers appear from late Spring until late Autumn. It grows 4-5' and its subtle colors make it good for a shaded or partially shaded area.

Echinacea Sombrero Salsa Red

Salsa Red produces softly fragrant, spicy orange-red blossoms with an orange-brown cone. The petals overlap, giving the flowers a fuller, more polished look. They are freely produced from early through late summer, reaching a height of 24”.

Helleborus Ice 'n Rose Pink

This remarkable Lenten Rose speaks for itself! Boasting more blooms than most other Hellebore cultivars, Ice 'n Roses® Red is a fine addition to the shade border. Its large, boldly colored rosy-red blooms carry the garden beautifully from winter to spring and also make excellent cut flowers for the vase. This evergreen perennial is a very hardy plant reaching 12” in height. It stands up to the heat, humidity, and drought of summer, the cold of winter, and poor soil at any time.

Lavender Phenomenal

This Lavender is perfectly suited to the hotter summers and colder winters of our climate. And it's beautiful enough for every gardener to love! Phenomenal™ doesn't die back in winter, remaining evergreen.

This marvelously fragrant, compact plant offers blue blooms held above silvery foliage, reaching 24” in height. Both the flowers and the foliage are aromatic, most intensely early in its season -- late spring through early summer -- then continues intermittently for most of the summer.